Monday, April 16, 2012

::Saba Restaurant, Cyberjaya::


today im wanna share about our second arabian food hunting.hehe
yeah now we love to try new arabian restaurant and compare each one of them.

so this time mama suggest we try SABA RESTAURANT at Cyberjaya.
her friends had try before, so now our turn.hahaha

so let start with the food menu:

after you settle choose and order your food, they will give you card as below.
few mamak stall also had used this so when u wanna pay,
u dont have to mention all the food name to the cashier
where if u go with your family, of course, the list gonna be on and on and on...
bla bla bla

so meanwhile waiting for the food, my nephew always have the lime light.
as usual right.
owh by the way, we went on friday, right after friday prayers.
so quite number of office worker still there.

so now, let me introduce to the best things of all,
the FOOD!

u should try this,
 it is better than barbarican drink that we try at zam-zam

this is mama rice with chicken mandi.
so good.
this is along rice with lamb mandi
get confuse either along mandi and mine, kabsah or vice versa.

and this is mine.
their lamb and rice very awesome and tender.

where ever u go to to arabian food with family or friends,
try to order different food each person so that u can taste various menu.

because, as we know arabian food quite expensive.huhu.
but it worth a money!

lamb kebab. delicious.

chicken kebab
*mouth watering*

nut sell at the cashier.

from the front enter.

outside Saba Restaurant.
my SIL wit little Lutfy

the bills.hehe

so there are few picture taken.
overall, the food was better 
but the ambiance quite discomfort.
*maybe b'cos it is in hot sunny afternoon and crowded, aircond not that cold*
then, their waiter also not show arabian restaurant 
as they use foreigner from Nepal or Philippines somewhere look like that.
beside, they also cant pronounce and explain the menu consist of what.
and cant communicate well.

other than that, i guess, everything was awesome.
so people, u should try ok

or u cant check their facebook

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