Friday, October 29, 2010


suddenly tringat kat life zaman degree kt uitm kbm...bes nye...even asgmnt byk, tp still bole curi mase utk lyn movie, bwling, soping..lepak2...skng??? hurmmmm.....
then dlu clas mate sume bes2, 1 kepale...kalo lepak mest meriah je...
1cls sume msk air..hahahah...smngat aku nk g cls ari2...
then dok umah sewa, so nk kua g mane , kol bape xde sape nk bsng..hahahahaha
mis bilik aku kt umh sewa dlu...matahari dh nek pn, tetap glap, cos xde tngkap ke lua..huhu
so memg wekend tdo xingat pnye..kehkehkeh..dpt plak romate cm iman, yg memg tdo tu 1 kewajipan..
n the best of all, aku ade 3 org buddies yg sgt bes..iman, mak n syira....
kitrg memg pakej, asgmt sume 1 grop, mkn mest g skali, n yg pntng :
ko cri psl ngn sorg, lg 3 mest tlg serang..hahahhaaha..especially mak@k.lia....
memg pntng die kalo org cri psl ngn ktrg...huhu....mak la kt kn....
ngn dierg memg sejati..susah senang memg besame..ape jd kt sorg sume wajib tau!
yg penting, xpenah sentap wit each other..hehehe..ckp la pape pn..
dats what frens are for rite..
understand and trust!
arrghhhh..bile la nk dpt jmpe sume blk cm dlu..pyh dh...las jmpe sume time konvo degree aritu je
tu pn kejap je la smpat la pose2 bgai..huhu
...i wish i could be there again...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

...the dream of life...

hehehe...bukan ni just nk story about impian ku..huhuhu..mende ni dh dream dr dulu lg..bcos ni mende2 yg bole bg aku self-satisfaction la, lbh kurang..kalo cm dlm maslow's hierarchy, ni yg paling atas..kalo dpt wat mest bessssssss.....hope one day i can accomplish it one by one....

1- volkswagen car

Volkswagen. das auto.
2-super bike / moto bekuase besar

3-bungee jumping


so, hopefully aku ankan dpt sume impian neh..since yg no 1 tu, xbrape berat sgt la....keje nant, memg nk kmpul duit utk bli any Volkswagen, then yg no 2 tu pn bess..cos mama ckp, mama jus bli kn basic car n license je, which yg aku pkai skng, my Mr. Black...nk yg len2, keje nant bli lah kne amik lesen mto bese gk nant..huhu...bunjee jmpng tu plak memg exciting to do! ade several place aku tgk kt tv yg ble wt..such us n australia which ade view yg sgt santek mse jump tu...hehehehe....las skali, to be a women pelik, tp aku tringin nk men tembak2, but no akibat byk tgk cite CSI, bones, chuck...sume pkai guns yg canggih2 mest gempak if dpt gune gk...beng beng beng...hahahahaha...

wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Position: Nabilla Johan

Job description:
-at least having Master in any field and above
-posses own transport and have license
-able to communicate with people
-can do many assignments at one time
-willing to travel within and outside Malaysia
-having less sleeping during some season
-need to standby 24 hours for any ad-hoc call
-able to do presentation spontaneously
-willing to take care a cat and all the cat ‘children’
-have tough heart and body
-have mental and physical strength 
-having high knowledge in any location need to go 
-Per say: multitasking
-have experience in the required field for whole life before

IF YOU INTERESTED: please leave your name and phone number below...any suitable candidate will receive a phone call within a month...


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