Sunday, May 29, 2011 is may 29 2011...


ye bella, semua orang tahu, hari ni 29 may..ko sorang kecoh apahal..

ok actually, tomorrow (since im not sleep yet..erkkk.wat a reason???) 
or better to say this morning, there are certain things to be done
and activities to be attend

wedding invitation-linzah
(my degree classmate during uitm mlaka)

her house at meru, so it was not that far from my shah alam house
will attend with iman, syira and ckyn

*have other invitation too, but do not sure can make it all..huhu 
miss the memory..go green people!

mentor final concert
@ stadium melawati

then, at night im gonna watch mentor final concert with iman, 
bee n her bf maybe will follow too
and thanks to mr.dean asyraf a.k.a badak hemsem for the tickets ya!
owhh by the way, ailoiikkeeee salma..hehehehe


after almost 6 months planting grape (translate by yourselves ya.hehehe), at last i got a real job!
an ink company, just the small one in puchong but international, with find salary as im a fresh graduate rite..
dun need to complain more bella! 
at lease u have a job n gonna have monthly+permanent salary! *wink-wink*

gonna start this monday...
owh by that time its may 30 already..hehehehe

MeMBeBeL: since baru je start keje 
on tis monday, kene la cancel trip 
to terengganu this june 2nd for my 
bff during diploma, liya wedding :( 
dah la die kawen dgn our collegemate 
jugak..waaaaaaaaaa.sgt sedey ok....
she the first person i met at the 
college n we jus being close since 
we from same course n same dorm! 
from first sem till the end, 3 years ok! 
:(   :(

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

...hal ibu bapa sekarang...


ni insiden yang aku tengok last week.
neh dekat area bank seksyen 18 shah alam
aku park, tnggu linda g bank

ade brother neh naik motor dengan anak die age around 2 years...
betul2 belakang kereta aku
so dalam hati, xpe la, dia kejap je kot

budak ni dok je la tnggu atas motor

n guest what, 
die bole tinggal anak die atas motor????
die nya, the father g masuk farmasi sorang

pastu ape lagi, dia keluar farmsi tu, 
dr dalam kereta aku tenung je la kannn!
geram ok..

xsayang anak ke bang oiiii
kot ye bini boleh beranak banyak pun,
jangan la tinggal2..
bahaya tau x..orang ramai lalu lalang
sekali sambar, culik bawak lari g siam jual tau la..
aiissshhhhhhh :(

pastu mase nak bla dia sorang je plak pkai helmet..

::nant dah jadi ape2 baru la nak kecoh kan!::

Daily Fresh : im lucky :)


Lame x story2 kat cni..hehehe...ok so hari ni kene la clear kan semua story2 yang pending..
Ok start with im lucky..weeee~~~

Last week, me n mama balik kampong johor..atok macam x sihat.mama cakap kene angin komersial nye hernia cm tu..ha meh cek sini kalo nak tau pasal sakit neh...

Ok atok sakit is not lucky ye..
lucky nye story cm n mama ada pergi IOI kulai...
saja la jalan2.mama lak nak makan waffle kat daily fresh tu...
n nak bli timun untuk wat nasi lemak esok pagi nya..
breakfast before kitorang balik nilai baik..

~~class ko maria! beli timun sampai IOI kulai tau..
cam xbukak lak kedai runcit wak lan dpn kubur tu kann..kikikikiikikh~~

kedai daily fresh yang kalo dalam mall, 
dr pintu masuk mesti dh bau waffle2 die..
nyum nyum

my favourite : chocolate wit strawberry...(melting!)

so pergila kami ke stall die ni...
since pergi dengan muka excited order mine n mama waffle..
tetiba akak kedai tu bagi kad gores dan menang!

cm ne kad die.blakng kene isi personal detail then bole la gores
 (eksaited gores lupe nak amik pic.dem)

 syarat2 nya, just if beli any daily fresh product 
more than rm 6, entitle 1 chance

so i got 1 ice kimo free :D

so i pick vanilla flavour.n they put chocolate topping
its nyum nyum.but so cold since it ice kannn!

tapi bila dapat makan waffle yang panas,
 it balance..hehehe
 here are daily fresh other product that also tempting yoo...

wafito premium

corn in a cup wit flavour

so guys, now please went to your near daily fresh and buy any product above rm6
 then u will get chance to win...
other prize where expensive ok..
ade kereta, i-phone, psp etc..
tp untuk saguhati, ice kimo pun dah seronok kannnn :D

so maybe its your luck guys! who knows???

Sunday, May 15, 2011

:: my master's convocation day ::


Eloo as u all know that i had finish my master and last Thursday are my graduation day...
it was been held at dewan tuanku agung canselor, uitm shah alam..
it was the first time uitm held convo at this hall..
so it is very new, quite bigger than the one use before, dewan sri budiman...

So my session was on the first day since for all PHD and master graduate will get our scroll from
Duli Yg Maha Mulia Al-Wathiqu Billah Tuanku Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah
which our Agung on the first day..

But the sad thing is, this is my first convo that my mom agree to came but there was no screen outside the hall for parents that didn’t want get in
(kalo dok dlm dwn kn pyh nk kluar2 g toilet ke ape..)..
so she just saw the picture taken by uitm during the moment i get the scroll from Agung :(

Thank God, my mom have accompany with my sis in law, my nephew-lutfy n my friends-linda, baby (which had came to my convo day since diploma-thnks very much my gurls) & iman..
so this is my first convo that many people came! 

So cut the story, let enjoy the picture people-credit to baby for most of the picture taken :)

me n mama

wit SIL n lutfy that more attractive to my flower
rather than his auntie who just graduated! LoL

my best MBA clasmate eva!

thanks gurls
very sweet moment after what we had gone
 through during  the study

we came from different degree education background, different place,
but we get along well 

with my ant flower bouquet!

he graduate too.hehe

we are on the right track

run baby run :P

wearing the 2 line robe make all the hardship worth!

me n him..hehehe..


Monday, May 9, 2011

promotion : mummy's idea


ok nak tolong promote sikit on behalf of my sis in law

now she had just start 

 online business

selling baju kurung for little girls

 you guys can check her FB page here

here are the example you can see...

< for now all this baju kurung is for 0 to 12 months baby girls >

so do visit the page for more info :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Yuna-Dan sebenarnya


ni die video yuna mase secret concert hari tu..
tapi x full la kan..bole la wat lepas rindu..

ade lagi..tungguuuuuuuuuu :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

...YUNA Inspired Secret Concert was AMAZING...


few days a go i had post an entry about winning Yuna secret concert rite???  

-the detail-
date: 30 april 2011
time: begin around 9 pm
venue: mapKL, solaris dutamas

so im going with iman...
thank God im not cancelling the winning tickets when the Digi person call to confirm the attendant, 
since that saturday mama had plan to have BBQ with my aunties n uncles...
which at last had been change to sunday 
and it was not because of me..

the YUNA inspired secret concert was so awesome!!!
when she start to sing
everybody was just like being hypnotize with it!

with the live music her band play which was superb
it make the night a memorable+sweet on its own way......

with the small amount of people watching
which the verse winner, digi what berry winner, blogger n astro/digi crew only
 it was really a secret..huhu

:::so here are the picture for the concert, enjoy people:::

having our dinner first

the pass

jojo struys as the m.c for the day

-mis YUNA-

her band was superb+kacak!

her playing n singing just
take all our emotion away wit it

And she was pretty n so sweetttt

our face after the concert end

candid picture of me taking by the crew
n it being printed FOC for us :)

::tenkiu Digi for the WhatBerry2 game::

p/s: video will be upload when the berukband line is not in yiput yabi mood hokehh


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