Friday, December 30, 2011



hari ni dah 30 december..makna nya malam ni last tidur tahun 2011..esok tidur, bangun2 je dah alam lain..hehehe.alam 2012...ada beza sangat ke tahun apa pun? usia kita bertambah, nak tulis date belakang end dengan 12, orang sibuk nak kahwin date 12.12.12 pulak. tu je kot. nothing much actually. it is like an ordinary new day of life.
then, people always set new revolution, new mission for new year. as for me, im not that kind of person.
if u want to set new goal, tak semestinya, we need to wait for new year. new goal or new achieve in life could be start where ever we need to. so if u ask me what is my new revolution for 2012, im dont have specific list like others. i just planned my life according to what things happen daily and start to forecast or estimate what 2 months or 6 months from now i could be.

pic copy dari pakcik google je..

as for now, in few weeks im gonna start new job, it is a big change from what my daily job now. im not sure did i make a good decision or not. but as i said, im just planned for it as i got the offer and will wait till the day. hehehe
because im tired to have this specific revolution and then, people get frustrated by not achive it. and sometimes, they dont realize that their goal is to high for them. yes, we need to aim high. but then, it seems too high and impossible. As others make like that, they also want to have the same. funny right. but thats how people works.
so different peopl gonna have diferent method to continue their life. and i just continue what ever i had apply before and it may change when i think it is not applicable for me anymore.huhu..
so theres life goes from time to time.


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