Tuesday, November 22, 2011

::Wedding - Deqwan & Dalili Michelle Wee (melodi)::


as seen in above picture, last sunday night mama n i went to

Deqwan & Michelle melodi wedding

or name islam die Dalili

at Duchess Place, Jalan Ampang.

we were invited since mama n Deqwan's mom (in the middle) are friends

back in Utusan long time ago.

her mom already pension, while mama will be next year :)

so here are their gang back that time. most of them retired already.

so they only catch-up once a while during wedding.

enough of the makcik2 story..now back to the main story.

the 'pengantin'

Jaclyn victor perform that night

fara fauzana n me :)

Iqram dinzly and me...
**pic that make most of my frens angry wit me.wink*wink**

so that all about the wedding.

my mom enjoy lepak2, chatting2 with her frens
n me love snap pic wit the celebs..hahahaha.
like u never meet them before.*sigh*

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