Tuesday, November 22, 2011

::vacation langkawi part I - the arrival::


ok ni this year second big vacation after UNI. STUDIO SINGAPORE trip

actually almost like every month ade je activities vacay budget nye.

but this 2 was like the major one..hehehe

so we drive from shah alam friday at dawn ok.

nak drive till kuala kedah kan.

few time gak stop utk breakfast n so on.

actually trip ni between

linda, kak fie, baby, my mama, my big bro, my SIL, my lil Lutfy n me

my mama dah stay Penang about a week before.

just to catch-up with her old friends there.

my bro came to penang thursday nite

n we on friday n meet at kuala kedah jetty before departure.

so let save all the reading n enjoy the picture :)

one way ferry tix

the eagle was in 'hospital' hehehe

he cant just sit still.

just arrived!

our car for that 3 days

this one also
condition: so bad.huhu. just pray we dont breake down sumwhere :P 

so that all for the arrival...so for the next activities, u can click here...

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