Sunday, May 29, 2011 is may 29 2011...


ye bella, semua orang tahu, hari ni 29 may..ko sorang kecoh apahal..

ok actually, tomorrow (since im not sleep yet..erkkk.wat a reason???) 
or better to say this morning, there are certain things to be done
and activities to be attend

wedding invitation-linzah
(my degree classmate during uitm mlaka)

her house at meru, so it was not that far from my shah alam house
will attend with iman, syira and ckyn

*have other invitation too, but do not sure can make it all..huhu 
miss the memory..go green people!

mentor final concert
@ stadium melawati

then, at night im gonna watch mentor final concert with iman, 
bee n her bf maybe will follow too
and thanks to mr.dean asyraf a.k.a badak hemsem for the tickets ya!
owhh by the way, ailoiikkeeee salma..hehehehe


after almost 6 months planting grape (translate by yourselves ya.hehehe), at last i got a real job!
an ink company, just the small one in puchong but international, with find salary as im a fresh graduate rite..
dun need to complain more bella! 
at lease u have a job n gonna have monthly+permanent salary! *wink-wink*

gonna start this monday...
owh by that time its may 30 already..hehehehe

MeMBeBeL: since baru je start keje 
on tis monday, kene la cancel trip 
to terengganu this june 2nd for my 
bff during diploma, liya wedding :( 
dah la die kawen dgn our collegemate 
jugak..waaaaaaaaaa.sgt sedey ok....
she the first person i met at the 
college n we jus being close since 
we from same course n same dorm! 
from first sem till the end, 3 years ok! 
:(   :(

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