Wednesday, August 11, 2010

..slmt menyembut ramadhan..

one hour after fes esok stat sume rakyat malaysia yg beraga islam n bole pose akn mule rahsia..hahahaha..senanye, post ni bukak ape sgt, nk wish pose n dedicate utk my bff at mba..u can see da pic rite..the one beside me said i never put their pic, which i know i had! but to make her stop complaining, here there are makcik.hahahhaha...puas ati..hahaahha..tis pis taken during our cls trip to perdana foundation.....i dun remember the ful name actually n to lazy to google it in the middle of the it was at ptrajay..actually we are send to by our gbi lecture to listen a seminar about dr. tis pic while we having lunch before go home..from the rite are man @ incik nescafe, then erni @ yg suke cubit2 n lepuk2 me.lasly, the makcik..hehe..future mom to be?? hope so! tis my lovely fren in mba..hope we can stay as wat we are now forever k guys..luv ya!

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