Monday, January 16, 2012

...first day...

assalamualaikum people...
now im freezing in my new work space.huhu..start from today onwards, im will begin my new life as a lecturer. business lecturer. so as today are my first day, this morning i just got my time table and subjects. so need to study and prepare lil bit for my first lecture moments.huhu..hope everything will be fine for Miss Bell :)
so since im stay in nilai now, so im just gonna use public transport - KTM train everyday. less cost but take more time since im not the one who can decide or control the transport.huhuhu.and this morning, my first experience taking the train, few things i learn:

  • come early as u never no if it will delay or what.
  • ready to smell varieties of new smell during your long journey.
  • pack your things in backpack so it will easy for walk and standing since the chance of getting sit are very low.
  • try to get in as fast as u can, so that, if u dont get a sit, u can find anything to hold on comfort and secure.
  • buy a touch n go card which will make your life more easier. trust me! u dont need to counting/ waiting for money change while the train already arrive in the next platform where u need to climb stair!
  • buy a small umbrella that u can keep it inside your bag for emergency cases.
  • try to get in to the women coach, but if u cant make it, try to sit or stand beside any ladies in the coach so u will feel more secure.
so i guess that all i can remind all of u from my first day experience...hehehe...and for this evening, pray and hope that the train will be nice to me..hahaahahaha....

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